NOW OPEN: A Little Background

SUMMER 2023 

A little about Stonework:

PIZZA: So, what sets us apart from the other 25+ pizza joints in Petaluma? Our pizzas are what we view as gourmet New York hybrids with a touch of Sicilian rustic crust. We're still "designing" several of our signature pizzas, and the final presentations and flavors are what we call "wow factor pizzas." We'll start posting some images on social media this month. Yes, we'll have high-gluten meat-lovin cheese-dripping pizzas and gluten free vegan options as well; nobody gets left behind. We met with Miyoko in June and will be working directly with her and her mind-blowing team for a signature Miyoko's 100% nut-free and dairy free pizza. We are stoked. And speaking of Stoked...

BEER: What sets us apart from the other 500 beer places in Petaluma? Our 28 handle draft system with inlaid stone is an impressive start. It's another "wow factor" look. With a focus on "local," we will be featuring Sonoma County craft beers exclusively (except for one single handle we have reserved for our own collaboration of a special new ale of our own design). With so many world-class breweries here in Sonoma, there is no reason to look outside of the county for great beer. We'll 'Stoke' you with HenHouse, RRBC, Fogbelt, 3rd Street, Barrel Bros, Seismic, Old Caz Moonlight, Cooperage, Bear, et al. It's 28 handles of ice-cold fresh and local draught beer goodness. We don't have the cooler space for more, and "Taps" here in Petaluma can rightfully keep the title of Most Handles, and well deserved. We are here to add-to and enhance the craft beer experience here in town, not to compete or take it over by any means.

Stay "In The Know" by following us on Instagram and Facebook ( /StoneworkPizza) as we start loading images here in July, and invite your friends and neighbors to join our mailing list. We're in the home stretch now, here in Rivertown. With so many wonderful restaurants, wine and craft beer venues here in Petaluma, we are pleased to add Stonework Pizza & Tap to the legacy of our awesome city and county. See you soon.

PS: We will be starting our employee candidate search soon. This will include 3 managers, experienced pizza cooks and 8 "front of house" experienced servers. Our Front of House staff Must Be 21+ with a love and passion and working knowledge-base of great craft beer and wine, exceptional attention to detail, next-level customer service and an engaging, fun personality (in fact, Personality trumps Experience for us). Stonework is an equal opportunity employer. Based on the timeline above, feel free to email your work history and insights to