JOIN THE JOURNEY: Heading towards the Holidays


Greetings all. Thanks for a great few first months here in Petaluma as we stumbled through the summer and jump towards holiday season. Thank you so many great comments, reviews, and referrals. We're doing things just a little different from other places...and the word is spreading.

We invite you to join our Loyalty Squad for our Midweek in Midtown deals and updates. We'd also love your support in the current "Best of Sonoma" in the northbay Bohemian magazine poll. Although we are new... there's no better way to make a splash and disrupt the voting with a new restaurant. We fit into three categories with the Beer and Food sections. If you could take a minute to vote for one or all three categories for us, we'd appreciate the nod for Best New Restaurant, Best Pizza, and Best Craft Beer Selection. This last one is tricky because there are so many great breweries, however.. we're focused on 100% Sonoma county breweries here at Stonework, with 28 handles dedicated to the county...and only Sonoma County. Over 20 local breweries featured ever day. You can click any of the links here to vote, and once you are in, you can navigate within the poll to the other links.


CLICK TO VOTE: Best Pizza >

CLICK TO VOTE: Best New Restaurant >

While here voting, please cast your vote for other great local services, restaurants, and retailers... all working hard to serve our community. 

Thanks! Pat & Laura, and Storm the Husky